Getting acquainted with kept women in Kiev

Getting acquainted with kept women in Kiev with the help of the “Elite-Girls” agency is the best choice for wealthy men who want to have relationships with girls of model appearance.

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Elite kept women

In our special and constantly updated catalog you can find a wide range of beautiful girls and current models who want to become elite kept women. In addition, we help each client to choose a girl individually. You will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality of our service.


We will help you find a perfect kept woman and get acquainted with her

You should take choosing a kept woman very seriously. After all, she may become a girl you would build up relationships with. You need some time to find a perfect one, but usually wealthy men do not have much free time. This is why our “Elite-Girls” elite agency exists. We specialize in elite dating and acquaintances for wealthy people.

Is this something new to you? You have never had such an experience before? You do not know how to start? Then just fill in the application form on our website, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will go through all the steps of selecting a kept woman together. To begin with, our skilled manager will help determine the type of a girl you would like. You just should describe in detail what features she should have. She may be:

  • A passionate model who knows what she wants from a man
  • A gentle and tender girl who is in need of financial support
  • An extraordinary and educated kept woman who would help you to reveal yourself and broaden your horizon
  • A beautiful and charming girl who would give you much pleasure

Then you can get acquainted with the selected girls who dream of becoming kept women. All your demands would be taken into consideration.

Getting acquainted with kept women in Kiev

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Relationship with a kept woman

You will be pleasantly surprised by relationships with a kept woman. She would greet you every day from work, give care and attention, and also support you in all your endeavors. You can attend different events and go on holiday with her.

A kept woman is the best companion for a wealthy man. She is most prepared to serious and romantic relationships. With such a girl, you will see all the advantages of relationships with a kept woman.

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Kiev elite kept women